Friday, January 20, 2006

Video Watchblog

I picked up the first issue of Video Watchdog from the old Fantaco store in Albany (RIP) and haven't missed an issue since. (It's been what, 16 years?!) Publisher/editor Tim Lucas is one of those writers who is such a pleasure to read that I would search out all his messages on the various boards he's posted to. He used to moderate a short-lived board on AOL that was a thrill to check on every day, and his messages on the Mobius board are always worth reading, though the latest incarnation is unsearchable, so I've missed most of them.

So now there's a veritable wealth of daily doses of whatever's on his brain, via his blog, which I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in film. Check it out.

Hey Ho Let's Go

Welcome to Chateau Vulgaria, where we'll share obscure stimuli for all your brain-food needs, usually of an uncultivated and even prurient nature.

Let's gets some links out of the way. You can find lots of hard-to-find and forgotten movies and clips at my Gravedigger Video site, also where I store a long list of discographies, mostly budget and custom labels. I also have something called the Newspaper Movie Ad Archive, where you'll find old movie and nightclub ads.

If you want to spend a few straight weeks looking at cutting-edge posters (the design medium I personally think is pushing the art the hardest), immediately go to, where you'll find all the posters you can afford (time or money).