Friday, September 29, 2006

Twisted Sex Vol. 1

Reportedly the favorite series of founder Mike Vraney, Something Weird Video's Twisted Sex trailer compilations form the ultimate collection of sleazy, weird, and amusing clips, many for movies which have yet to surface. Chateau Vulgaria will be taking a detailed look at all 22-and-counting volumes, noting where to find these strange films, and bringing to attention the ones that haven't been located. Fortunately SWV themselves have released many of these films on VHS and DVD. All titles listed are trailers unless otherwise noted. Corrections and additional info are appreciated.

1993?, 104m1s
1. THE IMMORAL (Sweden: 1965, Joseph Brenner Associates Inc.) Little dialogue, it's sold as a provocative adult drama, with fleeting nudity. Unreleased on VHS or DVD.
2. STEFANIA (Greece: 1966, Chancellor Films: 1968, Greek PAL VHS: Finos Films) Energetic reform school drama with lesbian themes.

3. STRANGE COMPULSION (1964, Manson Distributing Corp.) Looks like a sleazy peeping tom flick, with funny dialogie. A print of this was found and screened at the Finnish Film Archive in 2006, but no DVD release as of yet.
4. THE WEIRD LOVEMAKERS (Japan: 1960, Audobon Productions, VHS: Something Weird) Trailer features rape and suicide. US release of Kyonetsu no kisetsu.
5. PUSSYCATS PARADISE (1959, FDC)/A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD (1963, Ardent). A double trailer with black & white nudie stills over surf music. No info on either film is available.
6. BUNNY YEAGER'S NUDE LAS VEGAS (1964, Cinema Syndicate Inc., VHS: Something Weird) This Barry Mahon trailer consists mostly of girls posing for Bunny.
7. THE STORY OF 8 GIRLS (1965, distributor unknown) This tale of a nudie photographer is a reissue of Barry Mahon's NUDES INC. (VHS: Something Weird).
8. THE IMP-PROBABLE MR. WEE GEE (1966, American Film Distributing Corp., VHS: Something Weird) The famous photog's eyes nearly pop out of his head as he encounters beautiful women throughout Paris.
9. FORBIDDEN BEAUTIES (196?, American Film Distributing Corp.) Looks like a mondo film; it's mostly burlesque footage over Mancini-ish light jazz. Unreleased on VHS or DVD.
10. NUDES ON THE ROCKS (1963, American Film Distributing Corp.), Ridiculous time travel nudie with crusty vaudeville comedy, aka 50,000 B.C. (BEFORE CLOTHING) (VHS/DVD: Something Weird); hosted by a busty European blonde.
11. SATAN'S BED (1965, Prometheus Ventures, Sam Lake Enterprises, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) The infamous roughie with Yoko Ono, features gang rape, lesbians, and a hypo scene.
12. MME OLGA'S MASSAGE PARLOR (1965, American Film Distributing Corp.). "Would rival the death chambers of Genghis Khan." This Joseph Mawra film with B&D is considered lost, though clips appeared in his MONDO OSCENITA.
13. CENSORED (1965, Cinema Syndicate Inc., VHS: Something Weird) Barry Mahon film with white slavery, rape, dismemberment, and torture.
14. GOOD TIME WITH A BAD GIRL (1967, Sack Amusement Enterprises, VHS: Video Dimensions, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) More Barry Mahon: Vegas cowboys and creepy nude close-ups, lesbians, and a tame five-some (!).
15. MY BODY HUNGERS (1967, Haven International Pictures, VHS: Alpha Blue Archives, Something Weird) Joe Sarno film with rape and lesbianism in the lives of suburbanites.
16. THE HOOKERS (1967, American Film Distributing Corp., VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Includes a vile, racist rape scene.
17. VAPORS (1963, distributor unknown, VHS: Something Weird) Andy Milligan's famous gay short is promoted here with silent stills.
18. I WAS A MAN (1967, Sack Amusement Enterprises) A print of this Barry Mahon hermaphrodite drama exists and was screened at the Finnish Film Archive in 2006, but no DVD release as of yet.
19. THE TOMCAT (UK: 1967, Joseph Brenner Associates Inc.: 1968) US release of MINI WEEKEND. No video or DVD release that I know of for this tale of a London stud, though it has been screened as recently as 2003.
20. ALL WOMAN (1967, Joseph Brenner Associates Inc.) "A bold look at Freudian realism." The one film, a kooky-looking drama, from TV actor Frank Warren, it has yet to turn up.
21. SUBMISSION (1969, Chancellor Films, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) With lesbianism and full-frontal nudity.
22. THE WARM, WARM BED (1968, WGB, VHS: Something Weird) A Barry Mahon film; very short trailer, maybe incomplete.
23. RIDE THE WILD PINK HORSE (1966, Chancellor Films) No known release for this dreamy Joe Sarno film, featuring ritualistic group sex and infidelity; narrator has a French accent.
24. THE KING (1968, American Film Distributing Corp., VHS: Something Weird) Trailer hyperbole is in rhyming poetry form, includes threesomes and a lesbian in a Nixon mask!
25. WATCH THE BIRDIE (1965, American Film Distributing Corp., VHS: Something Weird) Richard B. Shull drowns a women in a toilet.
26. MY THIRD WIFE GEORGE (1968, J.E.R. Pictures Inc., Monique Productions, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Kerwin brothers sex comedy.
27. GIRLS COME TOO (1968, Jerand Film Distributors Inc., VHS: Something Weird) Irving Klaw nudie cutie features buck naked men and women playing various sports; with Morganna and Silver Dawn.
28. THE ORGY OF THE GOLDEN NUDES (1964, Manson Distributing Corp.) A version of HONEYMOON OF HORROR (VHS/DVD-R: Sinister Cinema) with inserts featuring Gigi Darlene. No print of this variant has turned up.
29. SEXTET (1964, Thunderbird International Pictures) Soft X feature with orgies, gang rape, and murder. Unreleased on VHS or DVD.
30. TASSLE-A-GO-GO (19??, distributor unknown) Just a series of tittie-twirling shots set to surf/beat rave-ups. Don't know if it's a trailer or a clip, as there are no credits. Unreleased on VHS or DVD if it is a feature.
31. FANNY HILL MEETS LADY CHATTERLEY (1967, Chancellor Films) This Barry Mahon flick, with two literary ladies getting it on, has yet to turn up on video or disc, though a video copy was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 1990 by Barry Mahon Productions.
32. THE LIBERTINE (Italy: 1968, Audobon Productions, VHS: First Run Features) US release of the sophisticated Le Matriarca, with Catherine Spaak and Jean-Louis Trintigant.
33. CAMILLE 2000 (Italy: 1969, Audobon Productions, DVD: Image). The Radley Metzger film with Danièle Gaubert and Sylvia Venturelli.
34. FANNY HILL MEETS THE RED BARON (1969, Chancellor Films) Another Barry Mahon Fanny Hill flick that hasn't seen the light of day, though it also was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 1990 by Barry Mahon Productions. With lesbian scenes.
35. 2 (1968, Chevron Pictures, VHS: Something Weird) American version of Jag--en kvinna, the sequel to I, A WOMAN.
36. FUEGO (Argentina: 1969, Haven International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Hot Latin tempers flare and lesbians go at it; with the luscious Isabel Sarli.
37. THE BRUTES (West Germany: 1970, Joseph Brenner Associates Inc.) US release of Mädchen... nur mit Gewalt, aka CRY RAPE. Features a pair of serial rapists. Haven't found info on a video or disc release under any title, though the copyright was registered in 1986 to Brenner under both English titles.
38. A WEEKEND WITH STRANGERS (1974, distributor unknown) Encounter group melodrama with threesomes and lesbian scenes. Unreleased on VHS or DVD.
39. BAD GIRLS (Italy: 1972, William Mishkin Motion Pictures, Inc.: 1975, VHS: CineHollywood ([Greece], Monterey, Svenska Walthers, Toho) US release of giallo Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile; with Farley Granger and Sylva Koscina. [Update from Chris Poggiali: BAD GIRLS was a re-titling of THE SLASHER...IS THE SEX MANIAC! I have a one-sheet of this under the BAD GIRLS title, and it's just THE SLASHER... sheet with a "Bad Girls" sticker slapped over the original title. Monterey released it on video as simply THE SLASHER. U.S. distributor William Mishkin later added hardcore footage with Harry Reems, Tina Russell and others and released it as PENETRATION.]
40. THE GIRL GRABBERS (1968, August Films, VHS: Something Weird) Featuring a Greewich Village bordello.
41. WOMEN FOR SALE (1969, Independent International Pictures: 1975) US release of Die Jungen Tiger von Hongkong. Unreleased on VHS or DVD.
42. THE RAPE KILLER (Greece: 1974, Joseph Brenner Associates Inc.: 1976) US release of Eglima sto kavouri (VHS: Hi-Tech [Greece]), aka DEATH KISS (VHS: Prism).