Thursday, August 16, 2007

Twisted Sex Vol. 7

199?, 116m44s
1. A VIRGIN IN HOLLYWOOD (1948, Sonney Amusement Enterprises Inc., VHS: Something Weird, DVD: Alpha) A mix of burlesque and comedy; the lead talks to the camera.
2. GIRLS OF THE UNDERWORLD (1940, distributor unknown) Reissue title for MAD YOUTH (VHS: Sinister, Something Weird, DVD: Alpha) A tinted, "sexsational" trailer with gang rape.
3. HOPPED-UP (1949, distributor unknown) Reissue title for THE DEVIL'S SLEEP (VHS: Sinister, Something Weird, DVD: Alpha, a bennies menace flick with Lita Grey, Tim Farrell, and John Mitchum.
4. THE VIRGIN GODDESS (1950, distributor unknown) Reissue title for PREHISTORIC WOMEN (VHS: Rhino, Silvermine, VHS/DVD-R: Sinister, DVD: Alpha), featuring amazonian cavewomen catfighting.
5. MAU MAU! (1954, distributor unknown, VHS: Something Weird) Mondo film with real footage of the Kenyan anti-colonial uprising (animals, gunfights, ritual scarring) and staged footage of naked women.
6. ECCO (Italy: 1963, Cresa Roma: 1965, VHS: Sinister, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) US title for Mondo di notte numero 3, a mondo title with martial arts, piercing, Portugese whale hunters, and a lesbian club; narrated by Paul Frees.
7. SEXY PROIBITISSIMO (1964: Olympic International Films, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) US release of Sexy proibito (Italy: 1963), Another mondo, this one featuring stripteases through the ages.
8. SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HELL (Sweden: 1968, AVCO Embassy) The US release of Szevia, inferno e paradiso, an elusive mondo flick known for its Piero Umiliano soundtrack, with a topless band, swingers, biker rape, a lesbian club, and porn; available as a Swedish-language bootleg, though a Klubb Super 8 DVD is supposed to be on the way.
9. INTERNATIONAL SMORGASBROAD (1965, distributor unknown, VHS: Something Weird) Barry Mahon film that also appears on Vol. 2.
10. CENSORED (1965, Cinema Syndicate Inc. VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) 7m54s clip of Barry Mahon's fake comp of censored scenes from his movies, all staged scenes of nude women.
11. GIRLS COME TOO (1968, Jerand Film Distributors Inc., VHS: Something Weird) Better copy of the Irving Klaw trailer that appears on Vol. 1.
12. THE ALLEY TRAMP (1968, United Pictures Organization, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) H.G. Lewis. narrates this trailer for his sexploiter, with a nympho's bedroom hijinx scored to garage rock.
13. NYMPHO--A WOMAN'S URGE (1965, Artscope, Ltd., VHS: Something Weird) A crude NY nudie with lesbianism.
14. WOMEN OF DESIRE (1968, Boxoffice international Pictures) Prostitution sexploiter; no home release.
15. COOL IT BABY (1967, Boxoffice international Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Lou Campa/Joseph Marzano film with lesbians and S&M; "If this picture doesn't turn you on, you don't have any switches."
16. VENUS IN FURS (1967, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Joe Marzano's b&w adaptation (the first) exhibits a crude poeticism.
17. FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL (1968, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Lots of love scenes, and a beatnik club.
18. MINI-SKIRT LOVE (1967, Boxoffice international Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Sleazy Lou Campa film with infidelity, incest, and masturbation.
19. GIRL IN A CAGE (196?) 5m53s short features a fiery, lithe dancer stripping in a cage on a jungle set, scored to intense crime jazz.
20. LE FEU DANS LA PEAU (FUEGO) (Argentina: 1968, distributor unknown, VHS: Alpha Blue, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) French-language version of sultry Isabela Sarli vehicle.
21. Drive-ln Intermission (196?) Tony's Pizza (with a talking stomach), Pepsi, Carnation Coco Supreme, James River Smithfield Barbeque, Pepsi.
22. BLOOD FEAST (1963, Box Office Spectaculars, VHS: Astra [UK], Comet, Cult, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: CMV Laservision [Germany]) Star William Kerwin reads a disclaimer for this gore landmark.
23. COLOR ME BLOOD RED (1965, Jacqueline Kay Inc., VHS: BFPI [Canada] as MODEL MASSACRE, Comet, New Star, Rhino, Video Dimensions, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: CMV Laservision [Germany]) The mush-mouth announcer says, "A blood-spattered study in the macarb [sic]"; it's only a movie...
24. AROUSED (1966, Cambist Films, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Strong skinflick with a man killed by a group of women; trailer is tinted.
25. SATAN'S SADISTS (1969, Independent International Pictures, VHS: Marathon [Canada], Network, Super, Troma, DVD: Troma) This is the version with title cards exploiting the Tate/Manson killings over surf music.
26. THE GHASTLY ONES (1968, J.E.R. Pictures Inc., VHS: Scorpio [UK], Video Home Library, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: Siren [Australia]) Intense Andy Milligan trailer with bongos, rape, and beheading.
27. THE BODY BENEATH (1970, Nova International Productions Ltd., VHS: Western World, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: Siren [Australia]) Andy Milligan flick with female vampires; narrator speaks in a spooky whisper.
28. THE DEPRAVED (1976, Group 1 International Distribution Organization Ltd., DVD coming from Synapse) US version of Exponerad (Sweden: 1971, DVD: Klubb Super 8 [Sweden]), with the beautiful Christina Lindberg caught up in nude photos and rape; "banned in 23 countries."
29. THE SCAVENGERS (1969, Aquarius Releasing Inc., VHS: Private Screenings/Luna as REBEL VIXENS, Republic, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Another sick Frost/Cresse effort, this one a western with lots of gang rape.
30. THE NINE AGES OF NAKEDNESS (UK: 1969, Manson Distributing Corp.: 1970, VHS: Media, DVD: Televista) Hard R George Harrison Marks film with male nudity and lesbianism.
31. THE DIVORCEE (1969, SCA Distributors, VHS: Nite Flight, Private Screenings/Luna as FRUSTRATION, Something Weird) Stephen Apostolof flick starring Marsha Jordan, with toe-licking and a threesome.
32. THE SENSUOUS HOUSEWIFE (West Germany: 1976, Cineworld) Dubbed Euro sex comedy; no VHS or DVD release.
33. FRUSTRATED WIVES (UK: 1973, Cineworld: 1977) US version of SEX FARM, a health resort-based comedy with full nudity and lesbianism; no home release.
34. DROP OUT WIFE (1972, SCA Distributors, VHS: Private Screenings/Luna as PLEASURE UNLIMITED, Something Weird) Hard R Stephen Apostolof sex flick with lesbianism and orgies.
35. BIBI CONFESSIONS OF SWEET 16 (Sweden: 1974, Cineworld: 1977, DVD: Retro-Seduction as GIRL MEETS GIRL) X-rated US version of Joe Sarno's Vild på sex, with his trademark group sex and masks.
36. THE SWINGIN' STEWARDESSES (Switzerland: 1971, Hemisphere Pictures Inc., VHS: Private Screenings, VCX, DVD: Ascot Elite [Switzerland]) US version of Erwin Dietrich's Die Stewardessen, one of the many softcore Hemisphere Euro pickups from the time.
37. FLY ME (Philippines/USA, 1973, New World Pictures) Cirio Santiago stewardess movie with kung fu, slavery, and Dick Miller as a cab driver; available as a bootleg only.
38. WOMEN IN CAGES (1971, New World Pictures, VHS: Charter, MCM as WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY 3, VHS/DVD: New Concorde, DVD: RBC [Australia], Umbrella [Australia]) Classic Gerardo de Leon WIP film with Pam Grier, Roberta Collins, and Sid Haig, all scored to The Cars' "Moving in Stereo" from 1978!
39. THE BIG BIRD CAGE (1972, New World Pictures, VHS: MCM as WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY 2, Warner, VHS/DVD: New Concorde, DVD: Umbrella [Australia]) Another New World WIP classic, from Jack Hill, with Haig, Grier, and Vic Diaz; trailer is cut.


The State screened this Disney package back in February, 1962. I didn't know Mel Blanc worked on PINOCCHIO (1940). BEAR COUNTRY (1953) was a short narrated by Winston Hibler.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Pinlighters

Jazz trio The Pinlighters (Genie Jones, Rio Galietta, Neal Stark) played the Hotel Schenectady's Pinlite Lounge way back in February, 1962.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Chapel Hill, NC's Varsity Theatre (still in business) screened the Cammell/Roeg classic PERFORMANCE (1970) back in March of 1971.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Paula Sydney

Here's an ad for Paula Sydney with the Jon Norman Trio, playing the Red Carpet in Albany (now home to the Water Works gay bar) in March, 1970.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Rensselaer's Uptown screened the biopic PATTON (1970) back in January, 1971.