Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Mickey Simpson

Mickey Simpson (1913–1985), actor, born in Rochester, Monroe County.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: David Shire

David Shire (1937–), composer, born in Buffalo, Erie County.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan (1953–), bassist: Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, born in Buffalo, Erie County.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Robert Shayne

Robert Shayne/Robert Shaen Dawe (1900–1992), actor, born in Yonkers, Westchester County.

Friday, October 01, 2010


The Center Drive-In in Raleigh screened this naughty triple-feature back in January, 1974. All three are mystery titles... DAUGHTERS OF LOVE is possibly a retitling of 1968's DAUGHTERS OF LESBOS, but I have no clue what FEMALE EMANCIPATION and WILD TRAIL are. Anyone know?

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This entertaining triple-bill roared into three area drive-ins back in April, 1968: The Mohawk on Route 5 (Central Ave./State St.), The Riverview, and the immortal Tri-City in Menands. PSYCH-OUT (1968) was of course Richard Rush's downbeat summer of love cash-in; WATERHOLE #3 was a 1967 comedy-western starring James Coburn; and THE GLORY STOMPERS (1968) was a cheesily-entertaining biker precursor to EASY RIDER that has yet to make it on DVD.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Dick Shawn

Dick Shawn/Richard Schulefand (1923–1987), actor/comedian, born in Buffalo, Erie County.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Rod Serling

Rod Serling (1924-1975), Twilight Zone creator, born in Syracuse (Onondaga County), raised in Binghamton (Broome County).

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The New Forest in Raleigh screened this January, 1969 double-feature of THE MINI-SKIRT MOB (1968) and THE ROAD HUSTLERS (1968), a rare bootlegger action flick with Scott Brady and Robert Dix that still hasn't surfaced.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Pretty great double feature at the State in Schenectady back in July of 1973: THE CHINESE CONNECTION was a re-titling of Bruce Lee's FISTS OF FURY (1972), while THE HELLCATS was a creaky 1967 biker flick released by Crown International.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Troy's infamous Cinema Art hosted this January, 1974 double feature of Bethel Buckalew's SASSY SUE (1973) with Sharon Kelly and Tallie Cochrane, and MEET SWEET MYRA (1973, aka The Naughty Nude), an obscure flick directed by Joseph F. Roberton that has no IMDb listing.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris (1961–), actress, born in Endicott, Broome County.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: John Sayles

John Sayles (1950–), film director, born in Schenectady, Schenectady County.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Chris Poland

Chris Poland (1957–), Megadeth guitarist, born in Dunkirk, Chautauqua County.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Gar Samuelson

Gar Samuelson (1958–1999), Megadeth drummer, born in Dunkirk, Chautauqua County.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Savanna Samson

Savanna Samson/Natalie Oliveros (1967–), adult actress, born in Rochester, Monroe County, raised in Watertown, Jefferson County.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie Saint (1924–), actress, grew up in Delmar, Albany County.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Tim Russert

Tim Russert (1950-2008), NBC political commentator, born in Buffalo, Erie County.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Richard Roundtree

Richard Roundtree (1942-), actor, born in New Rochelle, Westchester County.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly (1970–), Fox News anchor, raised in Delmar, Albany County.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: William Royle

William Royle (1887-1940), actor, born in Rochester, Monroe County. Seen here being held at gunpoint by Fu Manchu.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney (1919–), commentator/author, born in Albany, Albany County.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Manuel "Spain" Rodriguez

Manuel "Spain" Rodriguez (1940–), cartoonist, born in Buffalo, Erie County.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937), industrialist, born in Richford, Tioga County.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Steve Oliver R.I.P.

Today marks the second anniversary of the death of tough-guy actor Steve Oliver. I happened to call him for an interview, for the Jack Starrett bio that my pal Chris Poggiali and I are working on, in February of 2008, just as he got the devastating news that his body was riddled with cancer and he had weeks to live. I was stunned to hear it and wanted to let him go back to his business but he insisted on talking. Below are some of his comments, from probably the last interview he gave in his life.


The first time I met Steve McQueen he ran my foot over in a gas station. He was a young actor doing that bounty hunter series [Wanted: Dead or Alive], and I was working jobs in downtown L.A., a young kid around 21 years old. He was in a race car, and I walked over and asked for an apology. He was very insulting, so I hit him about six times in the head, pulled him out of the car and kicked his ass. So when I went up on TOM HORN it was very strange. He came out of his trailer (he was dying of cancer at the time), and he took one look at me and said, I know you from somewhere. I told him, Yeah, I've been on television about a thousand times, I met you up at James Coburn's house. He said, Yeah, I remember that but I knew that I knew you then also. I told him right in front of Fred Weintraub and Linda Evans that when I was young you ran my foot over, and when you refused me an apology I pulled you right out your car and whooped your ass. He looked over at Weintraub with a big smile and said, Trim his beard, he's perfect for the part. He was a pretty cool dude.

I just found out yesterday that I have five weeks to live myself. I have cancer. Not a thing I can do about it, but hey, it was a good ride. I'm gone, I'm history, there's nothing I can do.

[On SAVAGE ABDUCTION:] Oh, god. That was done for John Lawrence. His photographer weighted about 390 pounds and just sat on his camera and wouldn't move it. I fired him, and he said, You can't fire me, you're only an actor on the show. I said, You're fired or I quit, and I'm the lead, so let's see who weighs out in the balance here, you fat ass, you won't move your camera, you won't clean your lenses, why don't you just shoot stills? The guy was just horrible, what a horrible experience that film was.

I met Robert Tessier on that set. He was living on the other side of the mountains where we were shooting. He walked up and introduced himself; he had never done anything at that point. He was as goofy as they come, I tell you. He had a kid with some lady that lived in Philly. When you walked in the house you couldn't stand the odor because she had 150 dirty diapers in the bathtub. They were crazy people. I saw the kid years later and he was completely retarded.

They used to call us The Shooters, man, that was the name they gave us. We all hung out at the Brazarie (?) and whoever had the biggest check would pay for the drinks that night. Warren Oates, Billy Smith, myself, Jack, Leslie Kovacs, a lot of interesting people. We'd slop down the whiskey, and Bill Smith would ride his Hells Angels chopper Harley Davidson with the kicked-out springing front end right through the restaurant; we were crazy guys. And we got away with it, too. All the gunfights...

I was on a bounty hunt with a buddy of mine and I ended up in a shootout with four black guys and I had a .25 automatic with one in the chamber and four in the clip and they had .45s and .44s and it was an unequal contest. They chased us up Sunset Boulevard and I rounded a corner and I didn't realize it was a dead end, and they trapped me. I got into a dumpster, realized I only had one shot left, but they didn't find me. I jumped a retainer wall, and as I did Bill Smith and some director friend of his came barging out of a restaurant into a Cadillac convertible, and I hadn't realized I had been shot in the leg and was bleeding all over the place. I took off running, and as they pulled out of the driveway I dove into the back seat, and Bill Smith, who was supposed to be the toughest guy in the world, almost peed in his panty hose. Back in those days Hollywood was wild and wooly, man.

[On MOTOR PSYCHO:] Russ Meyer was a photographer in the military. He was such a lecher (laughs), he had those big eyebrows that curled up, he was just disgusting. A woman walked by him and saliva would come out his eyeballs, the guy was a real luster, boy. I liked him because he was a very good director, he really knew how to work with his cast and crew, made them feel special, but he was such a character. He would look at a woman with that glint in his eye, like looking at a steak after not eating for five days.

MOTOR PSYCHO was my first shot as an actor, and it's what got me Peyton Place. Alex Rocco had his agent put up a piece of that film at 20th Century Fox for the part of Lee but they liked me. His loss, my gain.

Funny you're calling me today, you're talking to a dead man. It's really interesting, I haven't felt the full impact, I just got out of the hospital this morning. I'm going to do the best I can to fight it, because I'm not going to go through all the chemo, I've seen what happens to my friends who went through that. I'm going to fast for maybe 25 or 30 days and drink a lot of water and take lots of vitamins and herbs and see if the body can reverse the problem.

I just finished a screenplay and was going to call Paul Lewis. I got a pre-distribution agreement through Shoreline. They just finished a picture called LA LINEA with Andy Garcia. I just connected with their company in the last five days, and they want to shoot it.

Warren Oates was an interesting study. Warren Oates and Vic Morrow were the two best guys on the planet. Great actor. Paul Lewis is the best of the best, there's never been a nicer guy.

You know, the bedside manner of this little Japanese doctor, he was a pistol. He came in around four o'clock in the morning and said, You know, you don't seem to understand what's going on here. I kind of looked at him and I went, Well, I've got this infection from where my gall bladder was removed. He said, An infection? You have cancer throughout every square inch of your body. Wow, why don't you hit me with a good left hook? He said, You need to know that because you need to become proactive and start fighting it. That came out of nowhere. He said I was misdiagnosed and they told me I had cancer was I was in that hospital three months ago. So I knew there was like a cover-up, because I'm a very bright guy, I don't smoke or drink; haven't even taken an aspirin in probably 35 years I've been sober. I looked him dead in the eye and said, Nobody ever told me I have cancer. He said he talked to Dr. Sernick and he told him you had cancer throughout the whole region where your gall bladder was. I said he never told that to me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts (1991–), actress, born in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Manowar

Manowar (1980–), metal band, formed in Auburn, Cayuga County.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upstate New York Notables: Richard Rober

Richard Rober (1910-1952), actor, born in Rochester, Monroe County.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage Signage 58

Stardust Motor Inn, Schenectady, NY.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

DVD Wish List: The As

Here are 172 films I'm hoping to see on R1 DVD in 2010. Or at least, if someone has one of these and would like to trade DVD-Rs please get in touch.

1. A 008, OPERATION STERMINIO (65, Egypt/It), Umberto Lenzi spy

2. THE ABC'S OF MARRIAGE (70), white-coater distributed by Ellman; Something Weird released it on VHS but it's deleted

3. AIP: THE COOL AND THE CRAZY (86), trailer comp

4. AIP: FAST AND FURIOUS (85), VHS was on Trailers on Tape

5. ABAR, THE FIRST BLACK SUPERMAN (77), Mirror distributed this; looking for the 101m version

6. ABDUCTION (75), Lawrence Tierney flick distributed by Venture and released on VHS by Media

7. ABDUCTION OF LORELEI (77), Serena XXXer, Alpha Blue released it on VHS but I can't find a DVD of it on their site

8. THE ABDUCTION OF SAINT ANNE (75), TV movie w/ Robert Wagner, came out on VHS in Brazil

9. ACCELERATION PUNK (77), with footage of The Jam, The Damned, Sex Postols

10. THE ACCURSED (57, UK), with Christopher Lee, Anton Diffring, aka The Traitor, Allied Artists released it here

11. AN ACE AND FOUR QUEENS (66, Fr/It/Sp), Sylva Koscina spy, aka Carré de dames pour un as

12. ACES HIGH (76, UK), WWI flick w/ Malcolm McDowell, released here by Cinema Shares Int. and out on Warner DVD in the UK

13. ACHILLES (62, It), AIP distributed this adaptation of The Illiad w/ Gordon Mitchell, aka Fury of Achilles, L'Ira di Achill, need the 112m version

14. ACHTUNG! THE DESSERT TIGERS (77, It), sadistic ILSA-style exploiter w/ Lea Lander, Gordon Mitchell, Richard Harrison, on Sunrise VHS in The Netherlands, aka The Desert Tigers (Magnum VHS, Den: Meteor VHS), Kaput Lager: Gli Ultimi Giorni Delle S.S. (It: CineHollywood VHS, Fin: Mistar VHS), Erämaan Tiikerit (Fin: United VHS)

15. ACID: DELERIO DEI SENSI (68, It), acid JD film, aka LSD: Il Paradiso a Five Dollari

16. ACID GIRLS (69), Don Cohen, C. Davis Smith sexploiter was supposedly unreleased


18. ACQUASANTA JOE (71, It), Richard Harrison western, aka Holy Water Joe, on PAL DVD somewhere

19. ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE (76), Buck Flower western released by Pacific Int.

20. ACT OF AGRESSION (75, Fr/It), exploitation w/ Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Louis Trintignant, aka L'Agression, Joseph Green distrubuted it here, and it came out on VHS in Brazil on the Pole label

21. ACT OF LOVE (80), suicide TV movie w/ Ron Howard, Mickey Rourke

22. ACT OF VIOLENCE (79), TV movie drama w/ Elizabeth Montgomery

23. ACTION (80, It), avant Tinto Brass

24. ACTION USA (89), actioner with William Smith, Cameron Mitchell, on Imperial VHS

25. ADAM AND EVE (56, Mex), aka Adán y Eva, released by William A. Horne and Modern, on VHS from Laguna and Something Weird (deleted)

26. ADEBAR/SCHWECHATER (56/58, Austria), experimental beer commercials

27. ADIÓS AMIGO (76), Fred Williamson comedy western w/ Richard Pryor, on Vidmark VHS

28. ADIÓS GRINGO (65, Fr/It/Sp), gritty western released by Trans Lux, on DVD in Argentina (Argentina label), Brazil (Alberto Bitelli), and Germany (Starmedia)


30. ADVENTURES OF A PRIVATE EYE (77, UK), sexploitation w/ Suzy Kendall, Diana Dors, on UK VHS (Video Collection Int.)

31. ADVENTURES OF A TAXI DRIVER (76, UK), sex comedy w/ Diana Dors

32. THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (76), Sunn Classics western w/ Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle

33. THE ADVENTURES OF THE WILDERNESS FAMILY (75), Pacific Int. flick w/ Buck Flower, on Media VHS

34. THE AFFAIRS OF APHRODITE (70), Ed De Priest, Gary Graver sexploiter

35. THE AFFAIRS OF JANICE (76), Zebedy Colt XXXer released by Leisure Time, on Alpha Blue VHS

36. AFRICA EXPRESS (76, It/WG), adventure w/ Ursula Andress, Jack Palance, on Italian DVD (Millenium Storm)

37. AFRICA SEXY (63, It), mondo distributed by Filmarco

38. AFRICA UNCENSORED (71, It), mondo flick released by Trans American and Fury, aka Africa Ama

39. AFRICAN GOLD (65, S. Africa), Feature Film Corp adventure w/ Darren McGavin, Maria Perschy

40. THE AFTERMATH (82), sci-fi action w/ Sid Haig, aka Zombie Aftermath, on VHS from Liberty, Prism, and Starmaker

41. AFTERNOON TEASE (72), XXXer w/ Sandy Dempsey, Casey Lorrain, Donna Young, VCX released a VHS

42. AGE OF INNOCENCE (77, Can/UK), drama w/ David Warner, came out on VHS in Brazil on the F.J. Lucas label

43. AGE OF NUDITY (59, Jpn), early Seijun Suzuki, aka Suppadaka no Nenrei

44. AGENT FOR H.A.R.M. (66), Universal action pilot w/ Barbara Bouchet

45. AGENT OF WAR OF THE NORTH (77, Jpn), yakuza flick w/ Sonny Chiba, aka Hokuriku: Proxy War, Hokuriku dairi senso

46. AGENTE SIGMA 3: MISSIONE GOLDWATHER (67, It/Sp), spy comedy w/ Jack Taylor

47. AIRBAG (97, Ger/Port/Sp), road movie, issued on VHS in Argentina by Gativideo

48. AIRWOLF (84), TV movie w/ Jan-Michael Vincent, John Chandler, came out on Universal VHS in The Netherlands

49. THE ALAMO (59), Larry Buchanan short

50. ALBINO (76, S. Africa/UK/WG/Zimb), Topar thriller w/ Christopher Lee, Sybil Danning, on Media VHS

51. ALEX IN WONDERLAND (70), MGM counterculture comedy w/ Donald Sutherland, Ellen Burstyn, on Turner VHS

52. ALEX JOSEPH AND HIS WIVES (76), polygamy semi-doc from Ted V. Mikels, w/ Patrick Wright, aka The Rebel Breed

53. ALI BABA GOES TO TOWN (37), fantasy musical w/ Eddie Cantor, John Carradine

54. ALICE IN WONDERLAND (33), Unique-Cosmos adaptation, on MGM/UA VHS


56. ALIEN LOVER (75), 90m episode of Wide World Mystery w/ Kate Mulgrew

57. THE ALIENS ARE COMING (80), TV pilot w/ William Kerwin, on VHS from GoodTimes, Republic, and Worldvision

58. ALIMONY LOVERS (69), Clover sexploiter w/ Kathy Williams

59. ALL ABOUT BLAZE (56), 16mm doc, Ted V. Mikels: prod/ed/dir of phot

60. ALL ABOUT SEX OF ALL NATIONS (71), white-coater w/ Harry Reems, Jason Russell, distributed by William Mishkin

61. ALL NIGHT RIDER (69), Findlay sexploiter from Distribpix

62. ALL THE LOVING COUPLES (69), sexploiter was on VHS from Something Weird but was deleted

63. ALL THE YOUNG WIVES (73), sexploiter, aka You All Come, Naked Rider, on Something Weird VHS (deleted)

64. ALL WOMAN (67), Joseph Brenner-distributed drama w/ Robert Alda

65. ALLIGATOR EYES (90), thriller on Academy VHS

66. ALMOST SUMMER (78), Universal comedy w/ Bruno Kirby

67. ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE (74), TV movie drama w/ Sally Struthers

68. ALONG CAME A SPIDER (70), TV movie drama w/ Andrew Prine

69. THE ALPHA CAPER (73), TV movie crime thriller w/ Henry Fonda

70. ALVIN PURPLE (73, Oz), sex comedy on Australian DVD from Roadshow

72. AMANDA BY NIGHT (81), Gary Graver XXXer w/ John Alderman, on Caballero VHS

73. THE AMAZING DOCTOR G (65, It/Sp), spy spoof w/ Rosalba Neri, aka Due mafioso contro Goldginger

74. THE AMAZING MR. BICKFORD (87), dain-bramaged claymation, on MPI VHS

75. THE AMAZING MR. BLUNDEN (72, UK), Diana Dors fantasy released by Hemisphere in the US, came out on DVD in Germany (KNM) and the UK (Anchor Bay)

76. AN AMBIGUOUS REPORT ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD (97, Czech R/Slovakia), fantasy, aka Nejasná zpráva o konci sveta

77. AMBLIN' (68), Spielberg short released by Four Star Excelsior and Sigma III

78. AMERICA IN ROME (98), Eurowestern doc

79. AMERICA IS HARD TO SEE (70), political doc from EYR

80. AN AMERICAN DREAM (66), Warner Bros. crimer based on Mailer book, w/ Janet Leigh

81. AMERICAN HUNTER (88, Indonesia), actioner w/ Christopher Mitchum, on German VHS (Astro)

82. AMERICAN NITRO (79), Cannon racing doc, on Paragon VHS

83. THE AMERICAN SCREAM (88), thriller w/ Buck Flower, on 21st Genesis VHS

84. AMERICAN TICKLER (76), Chuck Vincent sex comedy released by Spectrum, ot: The Winner of Ten Academy Awards, on Video Gems VHS

85. AMERICAN WILDERNESS (70), Pacific Int. nature doc, on Nacional VHS

86. AMERIKA (87), ABC miniseries

87. AMONG WOLVES (85, Fr), political thriller, aka Les loups entre eux

88. AMUCK! (72, It), Group 1 horror w/ Bouchet, Neri, aka Alla ricere del piacere, Something Weird VHS version is almost 20m shorter than the one from European Trash Cinema

89. AND EDEN CRIED (65), Ted V. Mikels: dir of phot

90. AND FIVE MAKES JASON (69), sexploiter w/ Kathy Williams, distributed by Ellman and Grads

91. AND GOD SAID TO CAIN (70, It/WG), Margheriti western w/ Kinski, aka E Dio disse a Caino, on German DVD (e-m-s)

92. AND HOPE TO DIE (72, Fr/It), 20th Century Fox thriller from Réné Clement w/ Jean-Louis Trintignant, Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, aka La course du lièvre à travers les champs

93. …AND MILLIONS DIE! (73), TV movie thriller w/ Susan Strasberg, on Allied Artists VHS


95. AND THEN YOU DIE (87, Can), crimer w/ Kenneth Welsh

96. AND THEY SMELLED THE STRANGE, EXCITING, DANGEROUS SCENT OF DOLLARS (73, It), western w/ Rosalba Neri, aka Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari, on Italian VHS (Video Clak)

97. AND THIS IS FREE (?), not sure what this is

98. AND WHEN SHE WAS BAD (73), Gary Graver sexploier w/ John Alderman, Sandy Carey, aka There Was a Little Girl (preview title)

99. ANDY WARHOL'S BAD (77), New World comedy w/ Susan Tyrrell, on Embassy VHS

100. ANGEL, ANGEL, DOWN WE GO (69), Robert Thom/AIP drama, aka Cult of the Damned

101. THE ANGEL AND THE BEASTS (77, Austria/Sp/WG), sleaze w/ Bárbara Rey, aka Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen, on Canadian VHS (Vogue) and Italian VHS (Universal)

102. ANGEL DEATH (80), 60m TV doc on angel dust

103. ANGEL DUST (94, Jpn), bizarre mystery, aka Enjeru dasuto, on New Yorker VHS

104. ANGEL DUSTED (81), TV movie w/ Helen Hunt

105. ANGEL MINE (78, NZ), new wave arthouse weirdness

106. ANGEL ON MY SOLDIER (80), TV movie fantasy w/ John Alderman, on Sultan VHS

107. ANGELS' BRIGADE (79), Greydon Clark actioner distributed by Arista and New World, on VHS from Vestron and Warner

108. ANGEL'S FLIGHT (62/65), Crown noir w/ Rue McClanahan, aka Shock Hill

109. ANGEL’S LEAP (71, Fr/It), mafia yarn w/ Senta Berger, Sterling Hayden, Gordon Mitchell, aka Le Saut de l'ange

110. ANGELICA: THE YOUNG VIXEN (70), Dixie Donovan flick released by Gold Star and Shelmart

111. ANGELA, THE FIREWORKS WOMAN (75), Wes Craven XXX w/ Jamie Gillis, distributed by Dog East Dog and Essex, on VHS from Quality X and VCA

112. ANGELS WITH BURNT WINGS (70, WG), drama w/ Peter Thomas soundtrack, aka Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen

113. ANGST (83, Austria), serial killer horror, on German DVD (Epix)

114. ANIMA PERSA (77, Fr/It), thriller/coming of age film w/ Catherine Denueve, aka Âmes perdues, Lost Soul, The Forbidden Room

115. ANIMAL CALLED MAN (72, It), western, aka Un Animale chiamato uomo

116. ANIMAL LOVE (69), Chancellor sexploiter

117. ANIMAL SEX (7?, HK), documentary

118. THE ANIMAL WITHIN (74), documentary w/ Anthony Zerbe, aka Up from the Ape

119. ANNA/MELODY (67/71, Fr), go-go Gainsbourg TV fun


121. THE ANNIHILATORS (85), New World actioner w/ Paul Koslo, on Starmaker VHS and UK DVD (Boulevard)

122. ANOMALIES: A WORLD OF DREAMS (70), sexploiter w/ Lynn Harris, John Holmes, distributed by Distribpix and Fine

123. ANTI-CLOCK (80, UK), drama

124. ANYTHING FOR A FRIEND (73, It), western w/ Gordon Mitchell, aka Amico mio, frega tu… che frego io!

125. APACHE BLOOD (75), Key Int. western w/ Ray Danton

126. APACHE WOMAN (55), ARC western w/ Lloyd Bridges, on Columbia TriStar VHS

127. APACHE WOMAN (76, It), western, aka Una Donna chiamata Apache, on Australian VHS (Delta)

128. APE MAN OF THE JUNGLE (64, It), from AIP, aka Tarzak contro gli uomini leopardo

129. APPASSIONATA (74, It), erotica w/ Gabriele Ferzetti, Eleonora Giorgi, Ornella Muti

130. APPLE PIE (76), Aumont comedy w/ Calvin DeForest, Brother Theodore, on VHS from North American

131. APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER (51), Paramount noir w/ Jack Webb & Harry Morgan as bad guys


133. THE AQUARIANS (70), action TV pilot w/ Ricardo Montalban

134. ARABELLA (67, It), Universal comedy w/ James Fox

135. ARABELLA THE BLACK ANGEL (89, It), Eurotrash, aka Arabella l'angelo nero

136. ARE THESE OUR CHILDREN? (31), RKO JD drama, on Vintage VHS

137. ARE THESE OUR PARENTS? (44), Monogram drama w/ Lyle Talbot

138. ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? (78), TV movie w/ Robin Mattson, on Worldvision VHS

139. THE ARCHER: FUGITIVE FROM THE EMPIRE (81), fantasy TV movie w/ Richard Dix, Jr., on MCA/Universal VHS

140. THE ARIES COMPUTER (72), Gold Key sci-fi w/ Vincent Price

141. ARIZONA BILL (64, Fr/It), Bava western, aka Road to Fort Alamo, La Strada per Fort Alamo, distributed by World Entertainment Corp.

142. ARIZONA COLT (66, Fr/It/Sp), western w/ Rosalba Neri, aka Man from Nowhere, released here by Gadabout

143. ARIZONA DREAM (93, Fr/USA), Warner Bros. film w/ Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway, aka Arrowtooth Waltz, on DVD in Finland (Sandrew Metrnome) and The Netherlands (Universal)

144. THE ARIZONA KID (71, It/Phil), comedy western w/ Mamie Van Doren

145. ARMAGUEDON (77, Fr/It), thriller from Alain Jessua, w/ Alain Delon

146. ARNOLD (73), Cinerama horror w/ Stella Sevens, on Lightning VHS

147. AROUND THE WORLD IN 60 MINUTES (?), PBS doc on early travelogues & jungle documentaries

148. AROUND THE WORLD WITH FANNY HILL (74, Swe), comedy w/ Christina Lindberg, aka Jorden runt med Fanny Hill, The Further Adventures of Fanny Hill, distributed by Seaberg, on VHS from Dave Friedman and Kit Parker

149. THE AROUSERS (73), New World horror w/ Roberta Collins, aka Sweet Kill, on VHS from Embassy and Sultan

150. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (69), TV movie w/ Bob Crane

151. ART DECO DETECTIVE (94), comedy thriller w/ Brion James, Joe Santos

152. ARTISTS AND MODELS (55), Paramount musical comedy w/ Martin & Lewis, on Paramount VHS

153. ASSASSINATION (67, It), espionage w/ Henry Silva, released by Ben Barry

154. ASSAULT (71, UK), horror w/ Suzy Kendall, aka In the Devil's Garden, Satan's Playthings, distributed by Hemisphere, on VHS from Genesis and Saturn

155. ASSAULT ON THE STATE TREASURE (67, It), spy, aka Assalto al tesoro di stato

156. ASSAULT ON THE WAYNE (71), war TV movie w/ Joseph Cotten

157. ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON (76, It), Lenzi crime, aka Roma a mano armata, released by Aquarius, on cut VHS from IVE

158. ASSIGNMENT K (68, UK), Columbia spy

159. ASSIGNMENT TO KILL (68, UK), Warner Brothers/Seven Arts spy w/ Herbert Lom

160. ASSO (81, It), comedy w/ Edwidge Fenech, on Italian DVD (Cecchi Gori)

161. THE ASTRONAUT (72), TV movie drama w/ Jackie Cooper, on ABC VHS

162. AT LAST, AT LAST (75, It), comedy w/ Edwige Fenech, aka La moglie vergine, released here by Silverstein

163. ATOLLADERO (95, Sp), apocalyptic fantasy w/ Iggy Pop

164. ATTACK ON TERROR: THE FBI VS. THE KU KLUX KLAN (75), TV movie drama w/ Ned Beatty, LQ Jones

165. THE ATOMIC CITY (52), Paramount spy thriller, on Paramount VHS

166. AUDITIONS (78), sex comedy w/ Ric Lutze, on Wizard VHS

167. AUGUST IN THE WATER (95, Jpn), fantasy, aka Mizu no naka no hachigatsu

168. AUTUMN BORN (79), drama w/ Dorothy Stratten, on VHS from Alpha Blue and Monterey

169. AVENGER OF SOHO (72, Sp/WG), Franco thriller, aka Der Todesrächer von Soho, on German DVD (Universum)


171. THE AWAKENING (70, Can), lesbian drama, aka L'Amour humain

172. AWAY WITH WORDS (99, HK/Jpn/Sing), surrealism, aka San tiao ren