Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Twisted Sex Vol. 4

1993?, 116m40s; unfortunately my copy suffers from picture jitter throughout the whole tape.
1. HOT FRUSTRATIONS (France/Italy: 1965, Audobon Films) US version of La Traite des blanches, featuring Reine Rohan of THE DIRTY GIRLS in a ménage à trois; "the film that does not know when to stop"; no known VHS or DVD release under either title.
2. THE SISTERS (Greece: 1965, Joseph Brenner Associates: 1969) Long trailer for US version of Dihasmos, a drama with knife wielding and lesbianism; no known tape or disc release under any title.
3. SOFT SKIN ON BLACK SILK (France/Spain: 1959, Audobon Films: 1963, VHS: Something Weird, DVD: First Run) US version of Un Mundo para mí, featuring Agnès Laurent and stripteases.
4. THE PRICE OF FLESH (France: 1960, Audobon Films) US version of Détournement de mineures, a story of prostitution at a French ballet school; with North African settings and music by Michel Magne; no known VHS or DVD release under either title.
5. WARM NIGHTS & HOT PLEASURES (1964, Audobon Films) Joe Sarno film with cocktail party stripping, lesbians, and whipping; a young Joe Santos is featured in the trailer; missing on tape and disc.
6. THE ALLEY CATS (1966, Audobon Productions, VHS: First Run, DVD: Image) Trailer for Radley Metzger film consists mostly of stills over Latin percussion; sexual hijinx amongst the well-to-do.
7. HOT MONTH Of AUGUST (Greece: 1966, J.E.R. Pictures Inc.: 1969, VHS: Something Weird) US version of Zestos minas Avgoustos, with additional scenes added by Doris Wishman; murder in the world of gigolos and rich wives.
8. GARDEN OF EDEN (1954, Excelsior Pictures, VHS: Something Weird) Early nudie with R.G. Armstrong bewildered by naked beachgoers.
9. SOME LIKE IT COOL (UK: 1961, distributor unknown) Black and white trailer for Eastmancolor Michael Winner film about nudes in England; no known VHS or DVD release.
10. THE IMMORAL MR. TEAS (1959, Pad-Ram Enterprises, VHS: RM, VHS/laserdisc: Image, DVD: Arrow) Landmark Russ Meyer nudie cutie with amusing hyperbole from the narrator.
11. THE ADVENTURES OF LUCKY PIERRE (1961, distributor unknown, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) H.G. Lewis nudie trailer.
12. GENTLEMEN PREFER NATURE GIRLS (1962, Juri Productions Inc., VHS: Something Weird) Doris Wishman film features clean-living nudists, underwater shots, and a quick glance at a tiki.
13. ADAM LOST HIS APPLE (1965, Andore Productions, VHS: Something Weird) Low-budget nudie with a small cast that makes out (usually a nudie no-no); "a delight for tired eyeballs."
14. NUDE ON THE MOON (1961, J.E.R. Productions Inc., VHS: Anchor Bay, Sleaziest, VCI, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Wacky nudie co-directed by Doris Wishman, with scenes filmed at Coral Castle in Florida.
15. THE SUN, THE PLACE AND THE GIRLS (UK: 1961, Advent Film Productions) Alternate title for NUDES OF THE WORLD, with scores of thong-clad beauties; no known tape or disc release under either title.
16. THE BEAUTIFUL THE BLOODY AND THE BARE (1964, Esquire Pictures, VHS/DVD-R/DVD: Something Weird) Crudely filmed story of nude models getting murdered.
17. Santa theater advertiser promo (196?)
18. MY BABY IS BLACK (France: 1961, American Film Distributing Corporation: 1965, U.S. Films: 1966, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Brief trailer for the US version of the starkly tasteless Les Laches vivent d'espoir.
19. THE WARM, WARM BED (1968, WGB, VHS: Something Weird) Barry Mahon film about cheating couples who swap; a shorter clip was on Twisted Sex Vol. 1.
20. STRANGE RAMPAGE (1967, distributor unknown, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Very cool trailer for Harry Kerwin film featuring Ann Howe and Bunny Ware; women on the prowl, with masturbation and lesbianism; cool crime jazz score.
21. THE SEX PERILS OF PAULETTE (1965, J.E.R. Pictures, VHS: Something Weird) No title is actually given in this trailer for the Doris Wishman film; narrator (probably Wishman herself) hypes tales of horny women.
22. "Then" card
23. CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL (1965, distributor unknown) Not really a trailer, but a clip from the Barry Mahon film, with close-ups of dancing boobs; unreleased on tape or disc.
24. TAKE ME NAKED (1966, American Film Distributing Corporation, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Dark, moody, and fetishistic trailer for Findlay roughie, with lesbianism and rape.
25. BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL (1965, Juri Productions Inc., Sam Lake Enterprises, VHS: Sinister Cinema, Sleaziest, Video Treasures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Classic trailer for sicko Doris Wishman flick.
26. CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (1968, Chancellor Films, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Bizarre roughie featuring Jake LaMotta, murder, and lesbianism.
27. INDECENT DESIRES (1967, Jerand Film Distributors Inc., VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Trailer for weird Doris Wishman film.
28. "Plus" card
29. GUESS WHO’S COMING? (1969, Imperial Pictures, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Skin flick about the making of a skin flick, with lesbianism and rape over a snappy soundtrack.
30. TOO MUCH TOO OFTEN (1968, Jerand Film Distributors Inc., VHS: Something Weird) Rough Doris Wishman drama.
31. DAYS OF SIN AND NIGHTS OF NYMPHOMANIA (Denmark: 1963, Audobon Films) US version of Mellem venner, featuring an early pot party; no tape or disc release under either title.
32. WILD NIGHT AT THE INTERLUDE (196?) 15m5s short with dancing and nude art at a San Francisco lounge; also on CHANGES VHS (Something Weird).
33. "Also--Starts Wednesday" reel
34. WHIP’S WOMEN (1967, Canada: Marden Films) Looks to be the story of a pimp; no known home release.
35. THE SEXPERTS (1965, William Mishkin Motion Pictures Inc.) Sexploiter with love-making on a boat has yet to surface on tape or disc.
36. "Plus This Big Screen Feature" card
37. LOVE SECRETS OF THE KAMA SUTRA (1970, distributor unknown) Alternate title for KAMA SUTRA '71 (VHS: Alpha Blue); fairly graphic trailer with Uschi Digard, an Indian guru, and multiple positions shown.
38. SEXCAPADE IN MEXICO (1970, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Long trailer for sleazy film about gringos out to score Mexican hookers; tastelessly hypes its "frank and heartless" rape scene.
39. "Prevues of Coming Attractions" card
40. THE SECRET SEX LIVES OF ROMEO AND JULIET (1969, Boxoffice International Pictures, Global Pictures, VHS: Private Screenings/Luna as JULIET'S DESIRE, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Long trailer with good production values.
41. THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO (Eve Productions Inc., Lima Productions: late 1970s, DVD: Jef) Rerelease of VOLUPTUARY (1970 or 1971, Lima Productions); onscreen title is just PINOCCHIO.
42. "Double Feature Program--Friday and Saturday" cards
43. THE NINE AGES OF NAKEDNESS (UK: 1969, Manson Distributing Corp.: 1970, VHS: Media) Low-budget skin flick made up of vignettes throughout history.
44. WILBUR AND THE BABY FACTORY (1970, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Long trailer marketed to hippies.
45. THE TOY BOX (1971, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Very weird sexploiter features Uschi, Jack King, and Marsha Jordan.
46. SEX RITUALS OF THE OCCULT (1970, Sam Lake Enterprises, Studio West Film Distributors, VHS: Something Weird) Mainly orgy scenes on a phony forest set; funny in its dopiness.
47. STRANGE SEX DREAMS (196?; Extraordinary Films) Wacked 5m21s short showing drunk/stoned partiers' sex fantasies.
48. LIZ (1967, William Mishkin Motion Pictures Inc.: 1970) Consists of a disclaimer, staged viewer comments, and a statement from producer "George Sheperd."
The box lists WILD FREE AND HUNGRY and THE TEACHER but their trailers aren't included.


Jack J said...


Your info reg. #31 is not quite correct. DAYS OF SIN AND NIGHTS OF NYMPHOMANIA (aka Mellem Venner) was indeed released on VHS.

Director Poul Nyrup made three films, COPENHAGEN CALL GIRLS (Villa Vennely, 1964), DAYS OF SIN AND NIGHTS OF NYMPHOMANIA (Mellem Venner, 1963), and GUTTER HEROES (Stenbroens "Helte", 1965) and they were all released on rental video in Denmark in the 80s and then re-released on bootleg sell-thru VHS in the early 2000s.

None of them were English friendly. And none of them are on DVD (apart from SWV's DVD-R of Copenhagen Call Girls).

Robert Plante said...

Thanks, Jack, I'll have to keep an eye out for those titles.