Saturday, March 10, 2007


The Tri-City Twin Drive-in, in Menands, NY, was the drive-in I went to the most as a kid. Incredibly, for years, you had a choice of two new triple-bills every week. Some of the groupings were truly bizarre and inspired. This ad is from January, 1970 (January in Upstate NY is pretty goddamn cold). One screen hosted a trio of WWII films: the epic BATTLE OF BRITAIN (1969), HANNIBAL BROOKS (1969) with Oliver Reed and Michael J. Pollard, and GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1969). The other screen featured the British comedy LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (1969), THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH, the US retitling of the UK drama A TOUCH OF LOVE (1969), and the Arthur Dreifuss comedy FOR SINGLES ONLY (1968). The drive-in was torn down and a FedEx warehouse stands in its place.

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