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199?, 110m
1. "For Adults Only" card
2. GIRLS OF THE NIGHT (France/Italy/West Germany: 1959, Continental Dist.) US version of Les Filles de nuit, a dark, smoky prostitution drama; no VHS or DVD release known.
3. HOT MONEY GIRL (UK/West Germany: 1959, United Producers Releasing Organization: 1962) Alternate title for THE TREASURE OF SAN TERESA, an interesting-looking post-war crime/espionage film with Eddie Constantine, Dawn Addams, Nadine Tallier, and Christopher Lee doesn't seem to have been issued on VHS or DVD under either title.
4. WILD IS MY LOVE (1963, William Mishkin Motion Pictures Inc.) Looks like a JD flick with jiggly strippers; no VHS or DVD.
5. SCHOOL FOR LOVE (France: 1955, National Telefilm Associates: 1960) US version of Futures vedettes, featuring a brunette Brigitte Bardot who makes it with a teacher; no known VHS or DVD release.
6. THE LOVERS (France: 1958, Zenith International: 1959, VHS: New Yorker) US version of Les Amants, a creaky-looking Louis Malle drama with lots of making out.
7. Theater Rules clip
8. GEISHA PLAYMATES (1960, distributor unknown) Unknown nudie with lots of stage shows; no VHS or DVD.
9. PARTY GIRLS FOR THE CANDIDATE (1964, Atlantic Releasing Corp.) Alternate title for THE CANDIDATE, a sex scandal drama with Mamie Van Doren, June Wilkinson, Rachel Romen, and Ted Knight and a creepy abortion scene; sounds like Gary Owens narrating; no VHS or DVD release.
10. ADAM AND EVE/SPREE (19??/19??, distributor unknown/Trans American Films, United Producers Releasing Organization) Double trailer: not sure which ADAM AND EVE this one is; SPREE seems to be a mondo film on nightlife, with Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, and hippie and Vegas footage; trailer narrated by Paul Frees; no VHS or DVD release known.
11. VOODOO VILLAGE (1958, Continental Distributing) Reissue title for SORCERER'S VILLAGE, a documentary about the occult traditions of the Ivory Coast, narrated by Burgess Meredith.
12. SHE FREAK (1967, Sonney Amusement Enterprises, VHS: Market [UK], VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Byron Mabe horror, featuring producer Dave Friedman as a carny barker.
13. HIGH YELLOW (1965, Thunder Pictures Inc.) Larry Buchanan race film that has never appeared on home video, which is too bad as it looks pretty interesting; "from the explosive novel Diary of a Negro Maid."
14. WHO'S THAT KNOCKING ON MY DOOR (1967, Joseph Brenner Associates: 1968, VHS/DVD: Warner) Scorsese's first feature, with Harvey Keitel nudity scored to The Doors' "The End."
15. HOT GIRLS FOR MEN ONLY (UK: 1968, Manson Distributing Corp., Paul Mart Productions, VHS: Something Weird) US title of FOR MEN ONLY, a Pete Walker flick loaded with nudity.
16. INDISCREET STAIRWAY (1966, Boxoffice International Pictures) Obscure nudie with lesbianism and a guillotine scene; no VHS or DVD release.
17. I, MARQUIS DE SADE (1967, Eve Productions) Another obscure one (wasn't the distributor Eve Meyer's company?), with bouncy striptease footage; no known home video release.
18. CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL (1965, distributor unknown) Barry Mahon film about girls who use sex as job security; "an informative documentary of promiscuous girls"; no VHS or DVD release.
19. THE HOUSE OF CATS (1966, Mitam Productions), sleazy-looking roughie with prostitution and b&d.
20. DIARY OF A SWINGER (1967, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Amero Brothers exploitation with rape, murder, and suicide.
21. COLLEGE GIRLS (1968, SCA Distributors, Sack Amusement Enterprises, VHS: Something Weird) Stephen Apostolof sexploiter featuring Marsha Jordan, with male nudity, underwear sex, threesomes, and frat initiations.
22. COMMUTER GAME (1969, Abrams & Parisi, VHS: Home Video Supplies [UK], VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Suburban husbands cheat.
23. THE ACID EATERS (1968, Entertainment Ventures Inc., VHS/DVD: Something Weird) A "psychedelic sex freakout" with Pat Barrington and Buck Kartalian.
24. ONE MILLION AC/DC (1969, Canyon Distributing Company, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) The truly bizarre, Ed Wood-scripted nudie featuring Jack King, Gary Kent, stock footage, a toy dinosaur and a gorilla suit.
25. THE MIRACLE OF LOVE (West Germany: 1968, Times Film Corp.: 1969, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) US version of Das Wunder der Liebe, a white-coater, educational exposé with pedophilia and adultery.
26. Man and Male/Woman and Female (196?) Book pitch.
27. NANAMI INFERNO OF FIRST LOVE (Japan: 1968, Golden Eagle: 1969, DVD: Geneon [Japan]) US version of Hatsukoi: Jigoku-hen, an intense-looking and visually striking "new wave" film with b&d.
28. BARBARA (1970, distributor unknown) Looks like a New York art/underground film; trailer consists of silent footage over fuzz rock jams; no known home release.
29. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AND HIS WIFE (1970, Entertainment Ventures) Long, hard-R trailer for Byron Mabe sexploiter, with Uschi Diagrd; surprised Something Weird hasn't turned this one up.
30. ZERO IN AND SCREAM (1970, Phoenix International Films, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: Siren [Australia]) Hard-R Lee Frost film about a serial killer.
31. SLAVES IN CAGES (1972, Phoenix International Films) Later release of the Lee Frost film The Captives that claims to be Danish but was actually shot in California; a hard-R story of a man who captures women for sex shows; no official home release though it's available as a boot.
32. RIDE HARD RIDE WILD (1970, Phoenix International Films, VHS: Something Weird) Another explicit, fake-Danish Lee Frost film, with a biker gang, lesbianism, and rape.
33. SLEAZY RIDER (1976, Phoenix International Films) Another one, this time directed by Roger Gentry; soft X sex, lesbianism, and degredation; can't find an official release, though it's available from bootleg dealers.
34. PORNO MONDO (197?, distributor unknown) Documentary with vintage sex art and Tenderloin porn theater footage; not sure if this is aka MONDO PORNO, the 1970 film available on VHS and DVD-R from Something Weird.
35. SCANDAL IN DENMARK (1969, Cinitex Industries, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) US version of Der kom en soldat, a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale recast as an adult film; strong production values.
36. THE CAPTIVE FEMALE (1973) Alternate title for SCREAM BLOODY MURDER (VHS: Intervision [UK], Liberty, 21st Century [UK], DVD: Boulevard [UK], VCI), aka CLAW OF TERROR (DVD: Image) Thriller about a kidnapper with a hook hand.
37. THE LOVE-THRILL MURDERS (1971, Trans World Attractions, VHS: Troma, Vestron) Troy Donahue is a Manson-like cult leader; with Tallie Cochrane.
38. NAZI LOVE CAMP 27 (Italy: 1977, Group 1 International Distribution Organization, VHS: Number One [Italy], Tokuma [Japan], Video City) English title for La Svastica nel ventre, one of the many bad-taste Nazi endurance tests of its time, aka Mulheres de Prazer dos Campos Nazis (VHS: Legal [Portugal]), Vrouwenkamp [VHS: VideoScreen]).
39. THE HOT BOX (1972, New World Pictures, VHS: CBS/Fox [UK], Capricorn [UK], Embassy, VGB) Joe Viola women-in-prison flick with Margaret Markov; "soiled, spoiled, and violated."
40. THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS (1974, General Film Corporation, VHS: Media, Troma) Slasher flick with Andrew Prine, Aldo Ray, and Jeremy Slate.
41. POLICE WOMEN (1974, Crown International Pictures, VHS: MCM and Southwest as THE INSIDERS, UAV, VCI, DVD: Rhino) Lee Frost action with Sondra Currie.
42. HUSTLER SQUAD (Phillipines: 1976, Crown International Pictures, VHS: Mogul [UK], VCI, DVD: Brentwood) Action flick produced by Cirio Santiago.
43. TOO HOT TO HANDLE (Phillipines/USA: 1977, New World Pictures, VHS: Inter-Ocean [UK], Warner) Action with sexy Cheri Caffaro.
44. CHERRY HILL HIGH (1977, Cannon Film Distributors, VHS: Rank [UK], Warner) Teen sex comedy.
45. GAS PUMP GIRLS (1979, Cannon Film Distributors, VHS: Rank [UK], Vestron [Canada]) Teen sex comedy.

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