Sunday, July 15, 2007


The Turnpike Drive-in screened the foreign triple-feature back in July, 1960. I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, this MAGDALENA is the 1955 Mexican production directed by Joaquín Pardavé. CRAZY FOR LOVE was Ellis Films' release of the French Le Trou normand (1952), with Brigitte Bardot. The British TREAD SOFTLY STRANGER (1958) starred Diana Dors. No DVD release known for any of them.


Anonymous said...

Robert- Love the site- great images/reviews/info. BTW- here is another possibility for Magdalena- Liebe kann wie Gift sein, which stars Sabina Sesselmann as "Magdalena". I have never seen any proof that this film was released under the title Magdalena, but some of the images of Sesselmann in this film kinda/sorta look like the young woman in the image from the ad, imho:,,,,,,,,21450103EAED61A4E04053D50B372641,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.html

Also, the plot summary for Liebe kann wie Gift sein on the site make it sound like something that could be released as an exploitation film in the US circa 1960; so does the passing mention of the film on the site, on their page for Mischief in Wonderland/AUFRUHR IM SCHLARAFFENLAND

Robert Plante said...

I think you're right that this is actually Liebe kann wie Gift sein (1958); thanks for the correction!