Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OUT OF IT, etc.

This nice pair of triple-features at the Tri-City screened in January of 1970. High school drama OUT OF IT (produced in 1967, release in 1969), from director Paul Williams (NUNZIO) featured Barry Gordon and Jon Voight; no official home release, but is available from bootleg sites. NUMBER ONE (1969) was a football drama with Charlton Heston and Bruce Dern; no video or DVD release on this one. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967) was, of course, the Norman Jewison southern drama. DEFIANT DAUGHTERS was the Times Films release of the Swiss/West German adolescent drama Die Schatten werden länger (1961), from Hungarian director Ladislao Vajda; no known video release. THUNDER IN DIXIE (1964) was a low-budget racing actioner. Howco's THUNDER IN CAROLINA (1960) featured Rory Calhoun and Alan Hale Jr.; no official video release but available as a bootleg.

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