Monday, September 03, 2007

RAW MEAT, etc.

Back in January, 1974, when people in Upstate NY were still crazy and stoned enough to go to the drive-ins in the middle of winter, the Tri-City Drive-in had become a United Artists-owned outfit, and they screened this pair of winning exploitation bills. RAW MEAT was AIP's US title for the British horror flick DEATH LINE (1972). THE FEMALE RESPONSE (1973) was an adult film distributed by edgy AIP offshoot Trans American, featuring Harry Reems and Jennifer Welles; it doesn't seem to have ever gotten a home video release. HELLS ANGELS ON WHEELS (1967) was a decent Richard Rush biker movie, famously starring a pre-EASY RIDER Jack Nicholson. DEVIL'S ANGELS (1967), from AIP, starred John Cassavetes; has yet to apper on DVD. ANGELS FROM HELL (1968) was producer Joe Solomon's follow-up to HAOW, this time with Tom Stern in the lead, and Jack Starrett as the lawman, in a similar role to his BORN LOSERS character; also has yet to make its DVD debut.

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