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Twisted Sex Vol. 8

199?, 115m22s
1. THE PINK PUSSY (Argentina/Venezuela: 1964, Cambist Films: 1966 with added scenes, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) US version of Acosada, a provocative-looking drama with rape and murder.
2. THE GIRL WITH HUNGRY EYES (1967, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) William Rotsler directs himself, and Pat Barrington shakes her fake melons at the camera.
3. THE PICK-UP (1968, Olympic International Films, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Long trailer for this Bishop/Frost roughie features shots of the Vegas strip, lesbianism, full nudity, torture, and David F. Friedman as a gangster.
4. THE FABULOUS BASTARD OF CHICAGO (1969, Walnut International, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) John Alderman stars as the title character in this long trailer for the gangster sexploiter, hosted by Reed Hadley (!), with footage of director Greg Corarito and cinematographer Gary Graver; with full nudity and an orgy.
5. BEHIND LOCKED DOORS (1968, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Rural thriller with rape, murder, and lesbianism.
6. THE TALE OF THE DEAN’S WIFE (1969, Perpetual Films, VHS: Alpha Blue, VCR, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Christine Murray is the title character, with Eric Stern, campus demonstrations, whipping, acid orgies, and blackmail.
7. SOMETHING’S HAPPENING (1967, Headliner Productions, VHS/DVD: Something Weird as THE HIPPIE REVOLT/SOMETHING'S HAPPENING) Exploitive documentary with Haight footage, body painting, and "weirdies beardies whatsies."
8. HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK (1965, Headliner Productions: 1968, VHS/DVD-R: Sinister, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Retitling of John Hayes' exploiter WALK THE ANGRY BEACH aka THE UNHOLY CHOICE, with Rue McClanahan and Sebastian Gregory/Tony Vorno.
9. WANG WANG (1974, Headliner Productions) Obcure African mondo film; no home video release.
10. THE DEVIL’S GARDEN (1971 or 1973, Boxoffice International Pictures, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Shot in the West Indies, Bob Chinn directed this soft X sexploiter with Sandy Carey, Debbie McGuire, toe licking, and voodoo.
11. JOHNNY FIRECLOUD (1975, Entertainment Ventures, VHS: Cinema Video Theatre as REVENGE OF JOHNNY FIRECLOUD, Prism, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: Siren [Australia]) Billy Jack-style revenge flick with Victor Mohica as an abused Indian, Ralph Meeker, Christina Hart, Richard Kennedy, and Buck Flower.
12. THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ZORRO (France/USA/West Germany: 1972, Entertainment Ventures Inc., VHS: Derann [UK], Video Dimensions as THE NAKED SWORD OF ZORRO, VHS/DVD: Something Weird, DVD: Siren [Australia]) Dave Friedman produced and wrote this costume send-up with Douglas Frey, John Alderman, and Bob Cresse.
13. LES PLAISIRS FOUS (France: 1977, Prochainment, DVD: Alpha France) SWV says this is titled WILD PLEASURES, a translation of the French title, but only the French title appears in the trailer; adult film with typically high European production values; Brigitte Lahaie has a part.
14. LOVE PLAY (France: 1977, distributor unknown) Dubbed soft X film with rape; copyright is for Westminster Investments & Trust UK; no home release known.
15. FANTAISIES POUR COUPLES (France: 197?, Prochainment) SWV lists this as FANTASIES FOR COUPLES, but only the French title appears on the trailer; another Jean Desvilles/Georges Fleury film, but this doesn't appear on his IMDb filmography under this title.
16. THE SWINGIN' PUSSYCATS (West Germany: 1969, Hemisphere Pictures: 1973, VHS: Something Weird) US version of Rat' mal, wer heut bei uns schläft...?, a light-hearted sex comedy that played the drive-ins for years.
17. YOUNG SEDUCERS (Switzerland: 1972, Hemisphere Pictures: 1973, VHS: Vipco [UK], DVD: Elite as SEX UND NOCH NICHT 16 [Switzerland]) US version of Erwin C. Dietrich sexploiter Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2.
18. EROTIC CARTOON FESTIVAL (1976, distributor unknown, VHS: Alpha Blue) Amazing-looking collection of X-rated cartoons.
19. FISH FOR ALL (1970, distributor unknown) Alternate title for ODDLY COUPLED (VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird), a sex comedy with gay and fat jokes.
20. NUDE SCRAPBOOK (1964, Cinema Syndicate, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Tame-looking Barry Mahon with posing models.
21. SINS OF RACHEL (1972, R.A. Enterprises, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Weird mess with gore and incest from gay-theme director Richard Fontaine.
22. THE CAT ATE THE PARAKEET (1972, Hampton International, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird as POT, PARENTS AND POLICE) Teen problem film with Phillip Pine and Johnny Legend.
23. MOTHER (1970, Geneni Film Distributors, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird as UP YOUR TEDDY BEAR, DVD: Troma as SEDUCTION OF A NERD) Sex comedy with Victor Buono and gorgeous Julie Newmar in a bikini.
24. PUT OUT OR SHUT UP (Argentina: 1958, Cambist Films) US version of Armand Bo's Sabaleros with Isabel Sarli, a strange-looking drama with shoreline knife fights; no home release.
25. POSITIONS OF LOVE (Argentina: 1958, distributor unknown) Alternate title for the above (#24).
26. KARAMOJA (1954, Hallmark Productions Inc., VHS: Something Weird, Woodhaven) Exploitive mondo film on a Uganda tribe.
27. 5 MINUTES TO LOVE (1963, Headliner Productions, VHS/DVD-R: Sinister, DVD: Alpha) Rerelease title for John Hayes' exploiter THE ROTTEN APPLE (VHS/DVD: Something Weird), with Rue McClanahan, Paul Leder, and King Moody.
28. THE 3 DIMENSIONS OF GRETA (UK: 1972, General Film Corp.: 1973, VHS: Moviecraft, Something Weird, DVD: Salvation) US title for Pete Walker's THE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF GRETA (VHS: Derann [UK]).
29. RENT-A-GIRL (1965, Cambist Films, VHS/DVD: Something Weird) Appears to be a 7m42s clip from the feature; models strip with narration.
30. BANG BANG THE MAFIA GANG (1971, distributor unknown, VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) Rerelease of UP YOUR ALLEY, a goofy mob takeoff with Cheri Caffaro, Uschi, and Haji.
31. THE NAKED FLAME (Canada: 1964, distributor unknown) A drama set in the Canadian wilderness, written by and starring Dennis O'Keefe; no home video release.
32. THE POST GRADUATE (1969, distributor unknown) Alternate title for TALE OF THE DEAN’S WIFE (#4).
33. ONE MORE TIME (1970, distributor unknown) Alternate title for ODDLY COUPLED (see #19).
34. THE SINISTER URGE (1960, Headliner Productions, VHS: Sinister) Ed Wood's study of the smut racket.
35. RED, WHITE & BLUE (1971, Entertainment Ventures Inc., VHS/DVD-R: Something Weird) The Sebastian's look at Nixon's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, with Barney Rosset of Grove Press, Uschi at a film shoot, strip clubs, and full nudity.
36. MidCentury Marriage Guide (195?), 10m59s sex ed book pitch.

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