Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tomb of Vinyl Horrors: Forecast

I enjoy checking out booking sampler LPs; though they're usually loaded with dopey, wannabe-rock star AOR barband crap, the occasional rough gem can be picked out, like "Shot in the Dark" from Forecast, a loose, dirty basement rock outfit. This LP, complete with galactic record holder on the cover, was a QCA pressing from a Syracuse agency. I remember hearing radio ads for shows featuring some of the other acts on this record, like 805 and Alecstar. The liner notes say of Forecast, "the audience is chauffeured through time...the Who's Tommy...a salute to Hendrix...the Doors come to life...modern classics...showmanship and presence."

v/a: The Album, the Acts, the Agency LP (DMR, 107094X, 1981)

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Joe Shlabotnik said...

Check out the Led Zep cover on this LP. That's the true horror.